• As of mid June Resiheart.com will be retired.

    Thank you for following our artistic journey from concept to store to online forum. It has been a beautiful, wild ride and we thank you for letting us share your art with the people of Sparks and the world. Never stop creating! We can still be contacted on the Resiheart Facebook page if need be. New chapters mean old chapters must be closed so we have decided to let go of the Resiheart site. Thank you for all the years of creation.

  • Get ya clean to the bone with Bones’ Handmade Soaps!

    Find them at: etsy.com/shop/resiheart 20% OFF right now when you enter THANKS upon checkout! We currently offer several amazing scents and more are being poured all the time. Check out: “Record Shop” – Sandalwood, Tobacco, Tea Tree. Oats and Teakwood “Chunk’s Surf Shop” – Lavender, Tea Tree, Oats, Sage and a little Rosemary “Motorcycle Shop” – Leather, Campfire, Sandalwood and includes coffee grounds to exfoliate “Sean’s Bar” – Oatmeal, Green Sea Clay, Tea Tree and Lavender “Robin’s Bar” – Coffee, Sandalwood, Coconut in a Cocoa Butter base with coffee grounds to exfoliate “Tamera’s Bar” – Coconut and Citrus with a Sea Butter base More are poured all the time so…

  • Need a gift for someone special? Or do you need to refresh your day to day jewelry collection?

    I happen to make jewelry. Jewelry that I would want to buy and wear. Jewelry that my friends seem to like, is simple and classic. Quality jewelry designs that are tested and true. Take a peek at my Etsy shop etsy.com/shop/resiheart and let me know if you see a piece that you are interested in. Chakra stones, aromatherapy lava beads, birthstones, bridal sets, personalized pieces… if you don’t see what you have in mind just holler. New items are posted all the time and custom orders are welcome!

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  • Cut the Chemicals

    Joey from Full House comes to mind with his famous “Cut. It. Out!” accompanied by the series of hand gestures everyone knew and did along with him every Friday night in the late 80s. Today I’m gonna give you my take on the loads of chemicals we encounter everyday and give you some ways to cut back. Every product we touch throughout the day is so over processed and jammed full of unnecessary (potentially hazardous) ingredients. Let’s at least try to buy items that are made of good, wholesome ingredients that we can pronounce. Or better yet take a few simple ingredients and make product that does the job at…