Get ya clean to the bone with Bones’ Handmade Soaps!

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20% OFF right now when you enter THANKS upon checkout! We currently offer several amazing scents and more are being poured all the time. Check out:

“Record Shop” – Sandalwood, Tobacco, Tea Tree. Oats and Teakwood

“Chunk’s Surf Shop” – Lavender, Tea Tree, Oats, Sage and a little Rosemary

“Motorcycle Shop” – Leather, Campfire, Sandalwood and includes coffee grounds to exfoliate

“Sean’s Bar” – Oatmeal, Green Sea Clay, Tea Tree and Lavender

“Robin’s Bar” – Coffee, Sandalwood, Coconut in a Cocoa Butter base with coffee grounds to exfoliate

“Tamera’s Bar” – Coconut and Citrus with a Sea Butter base

More are poured all the time so check back in or shoot me an email to see when your favorites will be making an appearance. Suggestions are always welcome so reach out and we’ll play chemist/mad scientist.

That Etsy link again is: