Change is good, change is necessary. Well, big changes are happening in Resi*he(ART)'s world. We are taking the community online. While our brick & mortar shop will be closing as of Feb. 28th, we will continue to support our artistic friends and keep the fire alive online.
If you are an artisan/crafter or know a talented someone who would like to have their work featured on the site please email resi.heart@yahoo.com today.  Join us in this exciting new venture and enjoy the creative efforts of the area's residents in your home or give them to others that have a special occasion or just need a smile and affirmation.

*Crusty Keepsakes*
I miss craft stores from my past.  Craft stores that my mother worked at when I was a kid. Craft stores that have closed or that still plug along in cities I've moved away from.  Sitting on the shelf I have tubes of glue and paint from the craft store in the little town where I was born, dry and crusty, they are completely useless but I keep them for silly sentimental reasons.

They connect me to a time and a place as if I were looking at a scrapbook.  A time when my mother was healthy, smiling and full of vinegar, herself. Once upon a time she toll painted blooming flowers and holstein cows with big adorable eyes. My grandpa cut the figures, shelves and other items out of wood and mom would make them all pretty.

I have that same knack for making the world around me pretty. It works well for retail but I'd like to think that I'm doing more than that. Can I possibly use it to show my kids that there is still beauty in such an awful world? I sure hope so.  

I hope  that they are also able to see the pretty side of life and able to put smiles on the faces of those around them. My husband can call me a packrat, I don't care, I bear it with a smile because those little bottles remind me of who my mother was, who I am and who I hope my children will be. 
Added Sept. 7, 2016
Take ten minutes here and there, daily if you can, to be still. 

Sit and take in all the good around you, take stock of all the smile inducing, reaffirming, loving relationships you have that keep you going.  

Release all of the negative thoughts and questions you have about yourself or your path in one big breath. Grasp onto the images and faces that make your heart happy and hold them close as you go about your day. The choice to live in joy is yours and yours alone.
Added  Aug. 30, 2016
*Lava Rock Adventure*
Sometimes beads talk to me while at the bead store but I don't hear the full story they want to tell until years later. I've started a new color story way of building a necklace in which I pull out every bead in my vast collection in a particular hue. I pick a focal piece and supporting cast of beads and then fill in gaps with seed beads and almost always some tinted freshwater pearls.

When making this lava rock necklace all the players came together quickly and I finally heard the story they wanted to share. Like an underlying current of electricity sometimes there is a story waiting to surface and once it does it is magic. Though the beads were collected through the years across many states here is the story that they came together to tell.
In 2012, my husband, baby daughter and I were living in Idaho with my parents. My mother has brain cancer and since that's where my folks were living at the time it meant that's where my little family needed to be.  

One sunny, hot Saturday (in that part of ID that means it got up to a blistering 60 degrees) we took mom and the baby to Craters of the Moon National Park. It is an eerie, bleak, flat place with pockets of amazing structures left from volcanic activity ages ago.  My husband and I left mom and the baby happy with snacks and music in the truck to go on "the big hike" through some of the lave tubes. 

I don't do confined spaces.

Though I thought I was up for it, there were a few tight spots where one has to twist their body up and around a corner through a dark little crevice with only a flashlight and hope to guide you. Once through the caverns would open back up and I could stand and let my heart rate even out. My husband held my hand and talked me through the scary bits even though I'm sure he was having palpatations as well.

I guess that's been a good metaphor for our marriage. We are each other's support system and have never had to go through the terrible parts of life alone. Not to get sappy but thank God I have that man.

After the lava tubes run out, you emerge in the middle of a lava field, flat as far as the eye can see. The exhileration and sense of accomplishment we felt was heady. I was soaring as we started our hike back to the truck.

That sense of overcoming a difficult path is one of the biggest lessons I took from our time in ID. No matter what life throws at us I know that we can make it through together. Lava rock is a soft stone but look at the literal fire and brimstone it has gone through to become the amazing rock that it does

Added March 3, 2016
(I've taken some time off to have our second child(: ).
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Noun (rez e heart) 1. the art that resides in one's heart once everything else is stripped away and only the essential you remains
2. where the creative spark that has been buried too deep for too long is fanned and encouraged 
Resi*he(ART) exhists to bring out the artist in everyone. Come create with us.
Based at 171 Los Altos Pkwy
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Serving art to the world.
* What am I going to wear today?
  & Who am I going to be today? * 
Dress around your jewelry.
More often than not I pick out my necklace first. A big sparkly statement piece or a simple chain and charm, single or layers. So many options. If I gravitate toward something striking, I will pick out an outfit that is more subdued and let the jewelry speak. If I chose a simple piece then I can wear a sassy sequined, funky lettered or otherwise detailed top.
Shorts or pants follow then which pair of Vans will finish it off. Side note: I love my Vans! Old skool slip on checkers, yellow, teal and blue. Anyone who knew me ten years ago probably never would have thought that cheetah print Vans would be my go to neutral but I love 'em. End of rant, back to jewelry. 
I've been making jewelry since I was eight, making this 24 years. I've tried many, many artistic mediums but beading, stringing and any way that I can fathom and execute creating adornments is simply what I need to do with my life.
My favorite outlet for this passion was even macrame for a bit in the 90's. Looking back, that was not my most fab fashion phase. Band t-shirts, Vans and thread bare army green pants from the military surplus store made up the bulk of my wardrobe but there was always some jewlery involved also. I remember making macrame necklaces and bracelets with nuts, springs and washers from the hardware store.
Embrace inspiration from every source, explore and expand. Don't just copy what is cool today, decide what will be deemed popular tomorrow. Innovate rather than imitate. 
Now a days my jewels usually involve a little sparkle and a little tradition. As I have grown older I find more and more that the blood in my veins, the people behind it and their talents and expressions make me me. This is something I want to share with my little ones. Tradition is important. Tradition can also be worn. 
I love the quote, "The most important thing one can give a child is roots AND wings." And when she's old enough to appreciate it, your gram's pearls. 
I wear the wedding band that my father gave my mother and years later my love gave me. I wear my grandmother's perfectly aged champagne colored pearl earrings, another grandmother's rose pendant or a chain made by my mom in her jeweler period. I wear a leather braid that reminds me of Papa and country fairs as a kid. I wear my daughter's initial around my neck and there has been a silver toe ring on my second toe since my junior prom. 
People often see only a piece of jewelry, I like to see the stories. I tell the stories in the pieces I make and I wear the stories in the jewelry I pick each morning.
What will I wear tommorow?
Added July 29, 2015
* Stack 'Em Up and Rotate *
Bracelets, necklaces, even earrings if you have the real estate, are being stacked right now. It's a slight nod to 90's fashions and full on fun! Simple pendants can tell a more intricate story when worn beside other simple pieces, they play off of each other and mean something more.
Some necklaces for example have extenders in the back offering the wearer different lengths. Wear one necklace at 18 inches, the next at 20 inches and a long one at 30 or 35 inches. I like to start stacking at 16 inches but I am petite and have a tiny neck. 18 inches is the average length of chain necklaces.
One large statement piece along with one or two more delicate pieces is being seen more and more. The smaller ones can whisper layers of the story that the big piece can't since it is busy screaming of your awesomeness. If it makes you happy, completes your look of the day and communicates your story then do it. Wear with love and nothing but. Don't be afraid to stack 'em up.
Don't get me wrong, one piece can be beautiful and impactful when worn just right, with the right neckline. (Side note: Don't forget necklines when picking out your daily jewelry, you don't want a necklace competing with a collar all day.) A statement piece can tie an outfit together, hightlight your mood, make you fondly remember Grandma or just make you smile. A single necklace or bracelet can speak volumes. But stacking is so fun, so now. Take advantage of this trend and make it pop.
I am a firm beleiver in a rotation. Don't become complacent with one or two go to pieces. Pull out your old jewelry box, dig around in Gram's hand me downs and get them into the mix. I personally have the majority of my collection on a cork board and displayed in open boxes on my dresser, much to my husband's dismay. Since he can't stand chaos, I try to present it aesthetically, honoring each genre and group. There is a mass of silver bangles, a turquoise grouping and simple stackable chains to name a few of the roped off areas.
I every so often will go through my childhood caboodle to see what strikes my fancy again and put away what I'm getting tired of seeing on the board.
One of my favorite starting points when layering bracelets is an old leather braid and a gold chain with a little bird charm. From there I add bits of sparkle, gold and silver, to match my outfit. I love mixing metals and genres, hippy and glam.
Wear it all. More is more. There is however a point where you look like you've put on everything in the jewelry box. Know that point and incorperate some of the pieces into tomorrow's ensemble. (Coco Chanel said five pieces max but I have found that I tend to hover around six or seven. If there are bangles involved, much more.)
This way everything gets worn once in a while and more often than not stacked with other memories and stories to tell the world who you are that day.
Enjoy your jewelry, you didn't buy it for it to be forgotten in a box. Let it breathe and be as glorious as intended. Beautiful things should be used and seen, smiles should be shared and spread. Bangles should be stacked and necklaces layered.
Added July 24, 2015
* Create Your Way * 
Everyone works differently. One may be a type A and be in complete control of the art that they produce. A sparkling clean work space, organized process and a definate goal for the finished piece. That is most certainly not how I work. 
My arts and beading area is chaos, even disturbingly so to the others who live with me. There are honestly too many goodies, tidbits and trinkets for me to mentally keep track of. I have my mother's painting supplies, some of my grandfather's wood and wire creations and my own life's collection amassed in the garage and art room of our tiny house. It is with the last three generations of hoarders' mentality that I am certain I will use all of the treasures I have obtained. I am, with my ever patient husband's help, slowing the collection process and trying to get through all on the projects in my line up.
The line up however is always evolving and growing. It is a beast that I have to continuously wrangle. I must acknowledge the hairy little varmint and attempt to successfully work with it. 
Art is a living, breathing entity and an artist is the medium through which it is expressed, not the other way around. One may have a chosen medium that they enjoy working in but I feel that the project dictates how it will end up. Open up to what the (in this case) beads have to say. Someone once said there is a story within every slab of marble waiting for the artist's chisle to release it. 
My advise to other artists, new or experienced, is only this: Allow yourself to be fully open to the experience of the project at hand. See where it takes you, what it has to show you. Some pieces may end up awful and make you want to curl your lip and throw it against the wall but even these have taught you something. There is always a grain of learning to take away, apply to the next project and build on.
As you continue to experiment with any and all arts, you will find the process that allows the muses to speak to you in a way that translates to you creating beautiful things. One day you will look back at where you began and realize your tool belt is full of tokens of knowledge picked up along the way. No one starts out a genius. We are all constantly learning and becoming who we will be. Give yourself time, don't be so hard on yourself or your results and don't ever give up on something that makes you smile.
Added June 10, 2015