Why do we create?


Resi*he(ART) believes that there is a creative spark inside every one of us. Either a flickering, low on fuel lighter flame or a raging, all consuming inferno, there is a primal human need to create. From the first time we put charcoal to the walls of a cave, people have been driven to satisfy the urge to leave something behind, to make others look and think, to express a voice that comes from within. Creating with our own two hands is an experience our culture has gotten away from but a fundamental one.

The world can be an ugly, harsh place. It is essential to find an outlet that makes your heart smile. There was a commercial on tv not too long ago where someone held the door for a stranger, a passerby saw this and did something nice for someone else and so on. Resi*he(ART)’s goal is to spread smiles and encourage creative energy. When you live a creative life in your very own way you are allowing yourself to be happy. Hold the door for someone so to speak and genuinely smile from the heart out. This can be manifested in the form of a handwritten note, a painting or any medium you chose to express yourself in. The recipient will smile also and go on to do something that makes their heart smile.